A Better Human Story – the Series

Would You Be Interested?
Would you be interested in hearing about a way of understanding our humanity, and the story of our species on this planet, that [continued below]


The Series


• Explains much about the overall trajectory of human history; and, in particular,
• Provides a basic insight into why our history has been as tormented and destructive as it has been;
• Presents a useful and highly plausible way of comprehending the nature, source, and modus operandi of what has traditionally been called “evil”;
• Shows persuasively that human history should not be seen as human nature writ large, that the ugliness we see in history is not evidence of an ugliness inherent in humanity; and thus shows that we are likely far better creatures than most of us believe,
• Enables us to envision much brighter possibilities for the human future than are current in most contemporary thinking;
• (And most immediately, explains how a destructive force has gained great power in recent times in the American political system, leading to the election of a man whose rise to the presidency would previously have been unthinkable);
–a way of understanding that does these things in a secular framework that builds logically upon some of the best available knowledge from the relevant fields?


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