My Op/Ed Messages to the Conservatives

Every week, starting in 2013, I have been publishing op/ed pieces in newspapers in my very red Congressional District (VA-06). In every instance, the audience I am most addressing are the conservatives among the newspapers’ readership. In particular, I am envisioning the conservatives with whom I had a long a fruitful relationship starting in the early 1990s, when we created constructive talk-radio conversations together.

That experience has given me an unusual opportunity to witness how, over time, the right-wing propagandists gradually poisoned their minds by telling them lies and by feeding their hatreds and fears. When I compose my weekly messages to them, I have in my mind the two goals: to bring them back to a better contact with reality, and to the better angels of their nature.

As far as I know, I am the only columnist of a liberal bent who regularly seeks to address the people on the other side of our badly — and deliberately — divided polity.

These are some of those ‘Messages to the Conservatives.’

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