The View from Trump World

This column appeared in the newspapers in the first week of January, 2019.


“To us Trump supporters, it is amazing how so many people can be wrong about so many things.

“Take the U.S. intelligence services. They claim that they have a “high degree of confidence” in their conclusion that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia ordered the barbarous murder of a journalist who lives and works in America. (It’s the same bunch of know-nothings – all seventeen of America’s intelligence agencies – that said for sure the Russians had meddled in our election to help make Trump President.)

“But we know better than to believe those deep-state jerks. We believe instead what Trump tells us: that we just don’t know and that, anyway, we should give them a pass because – regardless — it’s good for America to be buddies with that Crown Prince and that Russian dictator.

“Then there’s all that Fake News coming out from every major news organization in America. Except for Fox News, of course, which tells us the real story. Not like the nation’s big-shot newspapers – along with the most prestigious press in the other advanced democracies – that put out all these bogus, made-up news stories.

“And we’re to be congratulated that, unlike the governments of every other nation on earth, we haven’t fallen for that big “hoax” about climate change. On that issue, we’ve wisely put our trust in the Republican Party.  the only major political party in the free world smart enough to know better than those fools from the world of science.

“Unlike the leaders of all the other nations, our Republican leaders know that we’re more likely to get the truth not from those fools from the world of science but from the people who know most about burning fossil fuels – who tell us not to be concerned – the fossil fuel companies.

“Isn’t it an abomination that thousands and thousands of these supposedly superbright scientists can devote their lives to studying the earth’s climate system yet not understand the simple truth that we’ve been hearing for decades from our Republican leaders: that there’s no climate problem and there’s for sure no need to do anything to meet some phony challenge about undermining the foundations of our lives?

“And why can’t we find competent judges in this country? Trump is trying to do all these great things, but then something like 50 judges – many appointed by Republicans, some even by Trump – keep on blocking him with ridiculous complaints about violating the law or the Constitution, or some fool thing.

“Then there’s the contemptible alarm coming from all those nay-sayers who can’t see how America is getting greater and greater, as our President says.

These so-called foreign policy experts, for example, who make these nonsensical complaints — such as

  • that we’re hurting ourselves by insulting our allies and dismantling the relationships and alliance that have been the foundation of American power since the Second World War,
  • that our coziness with thug rulers like Putin and the North Korean guy and a number of others has robbed America of its moral authority,
  • that picking these trade wars is not going to work out well for America, nor will pulling out of the Iran deal.

“Trump tells us that it will be easy to win this trade war, that the Iran deal was lousy and being violated, that he achieved something great at his meeting with Kim… How poor can people’s judgment be if they can’t see that Trump is “Making America Great Again”?

“But it sure puts the American people in a bad light when the majority of our fellow Americans disapprove of a President who has said that he’d give himself an A+ for the job he’s done so far – and that just took our country in such an obviously wrong direction in last month’s elections, giving power to those purely partisan Democrats who claim they’ll be ferreting out the truth about a few things that have happened.

“More than 40% strongly disapprove, which just shows how far gone people can go once they start seeing things in a warped way.

“And there’s no solace either when we look at how many people around the world are wrong about this President. For example, among the British people – the people of the nation that’s long been our closest ally — the percentage with a favorable view of this A+ President is 14%. How blind can you be?

“Anyway, even if it’s disturbing to see how wrong just about everyone else is, we have our community of right-thinking. It’s all the more fulfilling to be part of such a community of true beliefs – all those American patriots who positively glow at those rallies Trump conducts around the country — when we’re surrounded by so many wrong-headed people.

“We’re all the more proud when we compare ourselves with all those others whose views are delusional and – in terms of what they perceive, what their values are, or what they may have to say – are just plain not worth listening to.”

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